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    European Championships

    Every two years countries across Europe battle it out to take glory and gain an automatic berth at the next Hockey World Cup or Olympics (depending on the cycle).
    Dating back to 1970 (men) and 1984 (women) the EuroHockey Championships (to give it its full title) is organised by the European Hockey Federation (EHF).
    The event is open to entries from each of the 43 Member Associations of the EHF. Teams are ranked in accordance with their performance in the previous event, with any newcomers being initially ranked bottom.
    Each division is made up of eight teams, with direct promotion and relegation for the top two and bottom two teams respectively.
    Full details of all the Divisions are available on the EHF website www.eurohockey.org

    Name Dates Location Links
    Men's Rabo EuroHockey Championship 2017 Aug 19-27 2017 Amsterdam Event page
    Unibet EuroHockey Championships 2015 (M) Aug 21-30 2015 London (ENG) Event page
    TriFInance EuroHockey Championships Boom 2013 (M) Aug 17-25 2013 Boom, Belgium Event page
    Name Dates Location Links
    Unibet EuroHockey Championships 2015 (W) Aug 21-30 2015 London (ENG) Event page
    EuroHockey Junior Championship Waterloo 2014 Jul 20-26 2014 Waterloo, Belgium Event page
    TriFinance EuroHockey Championships Boom 2013 Aug 17-24 2013 Boom, Belgium Event page

    Recent Events

    Men's World Cup 2023

    January 13-29 2023

    Women's World Cup 2022

    Spain & Netherlands
    July 1-17 2022

    Lausanne 2022

    June 4-5 2022

    South Africa 2021 (W)

    South Africa
    April 1-12 2022

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