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    Asian Championships

    A unique competition in every respect, the Asian Championships is actually two tournaments in one – the Asia Cup and the Asian Games. Held every two years on rotation, these form the qualifiers for the Hockey World Cup and Olympics. The incredible strength of the teams in the region makes this one of the most exhilarating and unpredictable international hockey competitions in the world.

    Hockey powerhouses Korea, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan and China are always in with a shout of grabbing the silverware and claiming that all-important qualification place.

    Name Dates Location Links
    Hero Men’s Asia Cup 2017 Oct 11-22 2017 Dhaka Event page
    Asian Games Incheon 2014 Sep 20-Oct 2 2014 Incheon, Korea Event page
    Asian Games Qualifier Dhaka 2014 Mar 15-23 2014 Dhaka, Bangladesh Event page
    Name Dates Location Links
    Women’s Asia Cup 2022 Jan 21-28 2022 Muscat, Oman Event page
    Asian Games Incheon 2014 Sep 22-Oct 1 2014 Incheon, Korea Event page

    Recent Events

    Men's World Cup 2023

    January 13-29 2023

    Women's World Cup 2022

    Spain & Netherlands
    July 1-17 2022

    Lausanne 2022

    June 4-5 2022

    South Africa 2021 (W)

    South Africa
    April 1-12 2022

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